The Worst Mistake You Could Ever Make…

…is to think that the devil doesn’t exist! Don’t fall for the okey doke! DO NOT BE IGNORANT TO SATAN’S DEVICES! He is a master at what he does—kill, steal, and destroy! He is a liar! He is a deceptive manipulator. Wants you and I to believe he is not alive and working tirelessly to destroy our lives. Be vigilant, people! Wake up! Be smart about how you live and the choices that you make! The devil knows his end is doom…it is guaranteed that Satan and his demons will be thrown into the Lake of Fire…so, his best strategy is to take as many people with him as possible! Starting with getting us to believe the BIGGEST LIE—that he doesn’t exist!!!

I love you and want you to read this article below that is guiding my study time with God today. I’m about to pray and get into these scriptures!

Be blessed y’all and take a minute to read the article below…forward it to your family and friends, too! Aight?

Peace, MrsMKauthor

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