His Side of Our Story: A Chance Encounter


***There are two sides to every story, right? Well, my husband will be telling his side of our story in the next upcoming posts, including this one. Just in case you missed previous posts, I have them all uploaded here! Now, on with the rest of his story…. 

After a series of meetings and professional developments that woman from the parking lot had caught my eye. She was always saying something funny, lighting up the room and distracting me from the gargantuan task of being a first-year teacher in a new city.

Then, one day, a few months into the school year, I was walking down the stairs in a daze and we crossed paths.

To cut to the end, the woman in question is now my wife. In the midst of my soon-to-be wife confronting one of my most challenging students, I was transfixed. She was holding her phone in one hand and gesturing emphatically with the other, which held a box of pizza. The student in question almost knocked her over running down the stairs.

I spoke, “She is in my homeroom –”

That was about all I got out.

My wife-in-waiting looked at me with enough cold indifference to kill a fresh bed of prairie sunflowers.

“And? Why are they coming down the stairs unattended? Is there a procedure for leading the kids to lunch in 8th grade?”

Her beautiful face seem to say, “Who are you and why are you talking?

She had turned her sights on me.

Oh, let me explain, I thought.

I was about to say that the girl was in my homeroom, but I had not brought her down the stairs. I had brought another class down the stairs and that I thought I did OK with escorting them down said stairs and that they only seemed to jog rather than run full speed downhill and, no, we had no idea what we were doing in 8th grade, but…

In the middle of this thought, she turned her back on me and walked away. The student followed her.

Alone, I stood there for a second. Checked the time. To follow up this Category Five disaster and 6-foot subterranean banishment, I ran upstairs and told my colleague that I had encountered the most heavenly woman on Earth.

And, I had decided then that I would take her to the only place I knew, the coffee shop down the street from my house.

There was not seemingly an easy way to get her on a date. She was an established teacher – popular and confident and frequently wearing high-heeled boots. Yet, the Lord made a way for an opening.

She was the coach for the National Academic League. I was surprised I didn’t figure this out since the information was advertised on every school announcement and teacher meeting. In one of these meetings, she appealed to the teachers at the school to assist the students in learning facts and skills that would be crucial during their matches.

This was my moment. God had combed the waves asunder before me. I put my foot down and took my first step toward my destiny.

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