Stop letting negative thoughts kill you!

What are you focused on?

What are you worried about?

What’s got you stressing?

What is keeping you up at night?

Are you feeling depressed or hopeless?

Are you stressing over things you cannot control?

Are you worried about your relationships?

Are you having issues with your family?

Are friends letting you down?

Are you struggling to pay bills?

Are you grieving the death of a loved one?

Do you need healing in your body?

Are you having doubts about your purpose in life?

Do negative thoughts control how you see yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please take 23 minutes out of your day to watch the video clip below!

I was led to take a break from the series I am working on to post this.

Someone needs this today!!!! Stop focusing on what’s going wrong because you will miss what’s going right!

Your mind is your power! Get your mind back and you will get your power back!

2 thoughts on “Stop letting negative thoughts kill you!

  1. Yes! Today, I read one of your post about how the brain “releases hormones depending on our emotions…our emotions are depended on our thoughts” which can cause cancer cells and other diseases to develop in the body… very interesting and thought provoking. We must be careful of what we think.


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