Real Love Will Always Find You (Part 1)


***If you haven’t already done so, check out the About Me section of the blog. For the next 13 weeks, I will be writing about how my husband and I met. I will be switching up the format for the posts. Instead of W.O.R.D. it will be R.O.W.D. to help my stories flow a lil’ betta. Ok? Cool? Now, on with the story…

R Man, I was focused.

Focused on me. Making time to pamper myself. Manicures and pedicures every other Friday. Trips to the hair salon every two weeks. Visits to the library and church on weekends. Frequent trips to any restaurant of my choice. Occasional runs to the mall for retail therapy. Nights around the town with my besties. Vacations lined up.

Yup, I was doing me. Cause I had it like that…you know, being newly single and all. I wanted to invest in myself so that I could be the best me I could be: physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, intellectually…all that.

Motivated to excel in every area of my life, I set short term and long-term goals. I was determined to accomplish them all, including career goals.

And I was making it all happen, too! Being immersed in the process of bettering myself, I had very little time for distractions.

That’s why I was extremely taken aback when one of my friends burst through my classroom door to tell me some gossip. Surprisingly, I was the topic of discussion at happy hour the previous night. There were 20 minutes remaining to prepare my lesson before students arrived that morning, so I was pressed for time.

Observing her energy and the expression on her face, I thought something serious was going down that warranted my undivided attention. Naw…she stopped by my room to tell me some he said, she said stuff: A teacher had a crush on me…he liked me and thought I was attractive.

Not knowing how to receive the information, I brushed it off. I needed to get on with my day. The school bell was going to ring at any moment. Plus, I didn’t even recognize the name of the teacher who made the comments about me. Before she left, however, I asked her to describe the person. I couldn’t believe it—Wolverine had made the comments!!!!!!! Took me by surprise because he was always quiet the few times I saw him, rarely made eye contact and didn’t seem to care for me.

I laughed out loud. Why was my name brought up at their lil’ happy hour outing? I hung out with maybe one or two of my colleagues every now and again, but I didn’t do the happy hour stuff after work. Just wasn’t my thang, you know?  I didn’t know what to make of the comments. Therefore, I moved on. Went on about my day.

Besides, there was no way in the world that I was going to entertain the idea of possibly dating a co-worker. I’ve never really been that type of person. I always thought “work relationships” were unprofessional. I didn’t have time. I was busy.

My work days were long—sometimes turning into nights. Meeting with students, conferencing with parents, planning with colleagues, working on lesson plans, attending leadership meetings, organizing events, so and so on… I had no time to entertain any hearsay. Especially since I had agreed to coach the National Academic League at the school. Being a novice coach, there was so much I had to learn and learn fast in order to prepare my team to win! With all that I had going on, I was swamped. I needed help. So, I began asking the staff to assist me in preparing the kids for the games.

And then I got an email from Wolverine saying he would volunteer at the practice games. I was pumped ‘cause I needed all the help I could get. Several of his students were on the team, which worked out since he could practice with them during the school day.

Wolverine showed up to a handful of practices in my classroom after school. He was a big help, too. He ran copies for me, taught mini-lessons, and drilled the kids on math, English/language arts, science, and social studies questions. I was grateful to have his assistance, in addition to the support my team received from other faculty members.

Our hard work paid off because my team was undefeated. We were recognized throughout the school for our success! Teachers and staff were reaching out to me to send congratulations to the team. Emails were coming in left and right.

One email stood out to me, though. It was from Wolverine. We communicated via email concerning NAL practice every now and again. But this email caught me off guard because he asked for my phone number.

I was reluctant to give it to him. There was no real need for him to have it, since exchanging emails about the games worked perfectly. Still, he persisted. Saying it would be a lot easier for us to communicate if we exchanged text messages instead of emails. And I bought into it.

Funny ‘cause after I gave him my number, I never saw him at another practice!

Remember I told you he had game? Turns out the only reason he reached out to help me with my NAL team was to get my phone number!!!!!!! Mission accomplished for him I guess…LOL!

It was cool, though. I had no intention of giving him any of my time outside of school anyway.

Little did I know, all of that would change in a matter of time…

Signed, MrsMKauthor

O Wolverine was my husband. Obviously, I didn’t know it at the time, but God knew! That blows my mind! I had no idea.

I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend—better yet, a husband. I had just gotten out of relationship and I had too much going on in my life to be starting a new one.

I didn’t want to be bothered with dating. I decided to focus on bettering myself and maturing my relationship with the Lord. If it was God’s plan for me to be married, He would send the right person into my life. In the meantime, I would wait on the Lord.

My advice: If you are waiting on the Lord for ANYTHING, continue to WAIT on Him! He might not come WHEN you want HIM or HOW you want Him BUT HE IS ALWAYS ON TIME!

 W Psalm 27:13-14 New International Version (NIV)

I remain confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living.
 Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord.

D Dear God, I will wait for You. You know what’s best for me. I will stand on Your Word in Jeremiah 30:18: …the Lord longs to be gracious to [me]; therefore he will rise up to show [me] compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him! Help me to be patient and wait for You, dear God, in all situations.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

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