Wondering Why I Kept Feeling Defeated

Ever heard of the saying, “Everything that could go wrong, went wrong?” Well, that pretty much sums up my world the past few days. While I find my life moving in a positive direction, problems began to arise from everywhere!

I felt my joy depleting. I began to feel anxiety and stress as I thought about the many things that were going wrong. Even thoughts about what “could happen” began to cloud my mind. Too much of my time was spent worrying and trying to SOLVE THE PROBLEMS.

I kept working on solutions. Then, I would pray to God, asking him to bless the decision I MADE. Yet, I still felt defeated. The turmoil that I felt within was of my own doing—trying to do everything in my own strength.

I’ve been writing about God’s grace in my previous posts. However, I was not operating fully in God’s grace because of a lack of submission. I was not fully SURRENDING my heart, mind, and will to the Lord. This is why I did not have peace.

If you are feeling depressed, unhappy, mad all the time, stressed, and defeated (or know someone who is) watch the video below.

God gives us the Power that we need to MAKE IT! We can’t do it on our own! I had to pump my brakes and recognize that my type A/B+ personality is incapable of helping me to weather the daily storms of life! In order to get greater grace, I have to continue to be honest about my limitations. I can do NOTHING without the help of the Lord. It is a DAILY (not monthly or weekly) commitment to surrendering to the Lord.



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