What up? What up? What up?????? (In My Martin Lawrence voice)

What’s good sports fans? LOL! My high school Introduction to Technology teacher used to say that every time we walked into his classroom! Lol! I used to always roll my eyes cause I thought his signature greeting was extremely annoying…but I find myself saying it nowadays!!! LOL! Crazy, right?

I am on my way out the door. Had no interest in posting anything today, BUT I feel so full! So positive! So encouraged! Motivated! Yeahhhhhh boy! Bubbling over with joy! I really can’t explain it. Especially since I was up until 3 a.m. scratching a three-day old bite on my foot from a fire ant!!! Man, I never knew ants could be so mean! The first day I put Calamine lotion on it and then it was good. For some reason last night, it began to itch! Not thinking, I scratched it. Scratched it! Scratched it! And scratched some more! My whole foot was on fire!!!! I didn’t know scratching a bite from a fire ant is forbidden! Thank God for the Google Search engine! I finally got through the night…and here I am.

We are heading out for a 60-minute drive to this market my husband likes to go to. I am a homebody. I planned to chill today. But he wants to hang out. So, I am going.
Wasn’t my ideal plan for today. But I am going. In marriage, any relationship really, you have to compromise. I even offered to drive! LOL! He gave me the side eye. Not sure if he is questioning my driving skills because he always declines when I offer to drive. LOL!

Anyway, I am super thankful for today! Super encouraged. I was led to read posts from other bloggers and I was super blessed. Definitely posts that I needed to boost my spirits and confidence. I read an article called “Battling Insecurity” by beautybeyondbones, “Waiting for Eternity” by oneanna65, and “What I Learned In Five Years of Blogging” by Cristian Mihai amongst many other posts!!! I prayed that God would give me direction and He did. I am really excited about the blogs that I have come across. Everyone has their own unique gifts to share and for that I am grateful!

Gotta wrap this up to get the day started. So far, my weekend has been so much fun. We had a Luau after church service last night. My family picked up BBQ chicken pizza from CPK—we ate it in the car cause we couldn’t resist! Hilarious! And we grabbed frozen yogurt from our favorite spot! It was banging! Hopefully, we can hit up ColdStone today.

BTW, we ain’t goin’ anywhere fancy, but I am feeling like wearing this old dress with the embellished shoulders! HAHAHAAHA! To reflect how I am feeling today. Doing the most! LoL!black dress

I hope you all are having a blessed weekend so far. If you are free, stop pass my blog tomorrow. I am continuing the series that I started from my first W.O.R.D entry. Be blessed beautiful people!

Keep pressing on…Philippians 3:12-14!

Signed, MrsMKauthor

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