W 2 Corinthians 12:9 New International Version (NIV)

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.


O The grace that comes from believing and trusting in Christ is all that we need. God’s power is made perfect in our weaknesses. His grace sustains us in every aspect of our lives. Bottom line, being a Christian does not mean that God will remove all our troubles and temptations. God wants us to rely on Him because when we are weak, He is strong. When we find ourselves weak, we should seek the Lord to receive His strength, His grace, and His love.
R I struggled to get this blog up and running. I am the type of person who likes to dot every “i” and cross every “t”. A borderline perfectionist. The very thought of launching a Christian site began to scare me. How could I run a blog about following Christ when I struggle daily to be “Christ-like”? I mess up all the time. As much as I try to, I just can’t get it right! I am extremely hard on myself. So, how can a person like me minister to other people about Christ if I can’t dot every “i” and cross every “t” with my faith?

In fact, right before I began to write this article, I cursed. My family and I were in the grocery store parking lot. My son was in the cart when this lady aggressively backed out of her parking space, almost hitting my baby. I told her to slow down or she might hurt someone. Instead of apologizing, she stuck her head out of the window and yelled “CALM DOWN” to me and my husband. Oh no she didn’t! Being the lioness that I am, I cursed her out for a lack of remorse or apology for almost sending my 15-month-old son to the emergency room! Thankful to God that the situation did not escalate, we continued to walk in the store as she sped off…as many of the drivers do where we live.

In that moment, thoughts of fear began to race through my mind. “What would people think of this cursing Christian? You are a Christian! A professed woman of God! How could you speak to that lady in that manner?” The thoughts went on and on. I said to my husband, “I can’t do this blog. I can’t get it right! How can I show the love of Christ when I am out in the streets behaving like this?” He asked, “What does that have to do with the blog?” At the time, I didn’t have an answer for him. In my mind, I did not feel qualified to start a Christian blog. Didn’t feel worthy. Then, that’s when the Spirit of God began to minister to me.

I heard the words, “my strength is made perfect in your weakness” ringing in my head. God was telling me that I didn’t have to get it right all the time. Jesus paid it all on the cross (John 3:16). What he did at Calvary covers my past, present, and future sins. I am not going to get it right all the time. I am never going to be a “perfect” Christian. My righteousness is of filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). There is nothing that I can ever do to earn my salvation. My salvation is based on my faith in Christ. What matters is: my savior is perfect. My righteousness is wrapped up in Jesus Christ (Philippians 3:9) This does not give me a license to sin, but I strive daily to become more like Christ because I love him so much. I pray, repent, and ask God to help me in my weakness. I know a lot of people like myself who think you have to have it all together to serve and live for Christ. Nope. Not so. The Bible walks us through many stories that show how God uses the worse of sinners to do mighty things for His glory. The upcoming devotionals will be a series that highlight how God uses people “Unfit for the Kingdom” to serve Him.

So, today I invite you to come as you are. No matter where you are in your journey, know that God cares about you. He loves you. He sent His only son to die for you. All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed. You do not have to be perfect or have it all together to give your life to Him.

Signed, MrsMKauthor


D Dear God,

I come to you right now just as I am. I am not perfect and I mess up all the time. I often feel down, depressed, and very discouraged. I have a heart to live for you, but I struggle. Help me to receive your grace. Help me to see the areas that I need to improve on in light of what you did on the cross for me. Help me to know that I am forgiven. Help me to repent and continue to strive to be more like you. Help me to fully trust in you. Help me to not give up or give in. I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

In Jesus’ name,


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